I’ve just been catching up on this situation, so I’m a bit behind on time, but I wanted to add my voice to the outrage. It seems we have a plagiarist in our midst. Now, I can’t even begin to imagine the point of plagiarism. Are some people so insecure that they want to see their name in print but can’t risk using their own words? Are they just so keen to see their name as a published credit that they’ll use any means necessary? Well, yes, it would seem so. But what kind of pleasure or sense of success is there in that? Any writer surely wants their published stuff to be earned by the honing of their craft.

Not so Richard Ridyard. This guy has been caught out big time while picking on the spec fic community. It began when US writer Angel Zapata spotted some of his lines plagiarised in a Ridyard “story”. Angel investigated and exposed Ridyard as a serial plagiarist. This bottom-feeding fuck-knuckle has even taken the words of H P Lovecraft and Stephen King and tried to palm them off as his own. Seriously, the man is deranged and should probably seek psychiatric help.

But it is very heart warming to see how the online community of writers has risen to the challenge and made sure that this guy never gets anywhere again. Have a look at Lee Battersby’s blog for some entertaining news about his encounter with Ridyard and check out Angel Zapata’s blog, where he’s listed a number of online responses to Ridyard lunacy. And let’s keep our eyes open, folks – I get the feeling Ridyard might come back under a nom de plume before long.

Go team!