So, following yesterday’s post, here’s my first flash fiction piece for the #fridayflash community of writers and readers. Please feel free to share the link for this post around. As mentioned yesterday, this little yarn was my entry in the last ever Flash Fiction Contest over at Scribe’s runboard, which is closing down soon. The Scribe contests were always themed and the theme for this one was ‘forgiveness’. Love to hear what you think of it in the comments.


I lay on the ground in the chill of my own cold sweat and all I could feel was trembling. Every muscle vibrated with uncontained, uncontrollable terror. My mouth was dry, lips dragging across sandpaper teeth as I tried to speak. “Please…,” was all I could manage. My elbows and tailbone began to throb icily from the impact of being slammed onto the hard asphalt.

Her face, a beautiful pale moon swimming above me, was vague through the haze of my fear. But deep, dark eyes and blood red lips stood out starkly through that fog of terror. Those lips parted in a feral smile. “Please? Please what?”

I drew a ragged breath. “Please…” The words stuck in my throat, like trying to cough up cotton balls. “Please, forgive me!”

She smiled again, broader this time. “Forgive you? For what? For thinking I was a victim? For dropping that rohypnol in my drink? For leading me out here in the dark where you thought that I would be your prey?”

I sobbed like a child, my blood running colder than the winter street beneath me. “Please!”

Her smile grew broader still. “Oh, I forgive you. It would be hypocritical of me to hold your hunter’s nature against you. No hard feelings, eh?”

My eyes widened, my hammering heart beating erratically as my mind tried to process what she had said. She laughed raucously, row upon row of razor sharp teeth standing bright against her scarlet lips. “Oh, I forgive you.”