I’ve decided to start sharing the love a little bit. It’s always interesting to hear from other people in your field, so I’ve decided to start a Friday Guest Blogger thing. It’s not going to be every Friday, just occasional Fridays here and there. I’m going to be asking my friends and colleagues in the writing and publishing world to pen blog posts on anything they like related to writing and publishing and I’ll post those articles here.

It’s a good way to hear from other people and to learn about those people and what they’re doing, as well as sharing in their experience. After being asked to post as a guest blogger myself here and there I decided that it would be a good idea for this blog too.

So, it’ll be starting this Friday with Leticia Supple, independent publisher and managing editor at Brascoe Publishing in Adelaide, South Australia. She is also a published fiction writer, and her works have appeared in print and online. So check in on Friday to see her post about the process of self-editing.