No posts for days, then three in a row. I am the bus poster.

Just wanted to let everyone know about Freecon 2009 this weekend. This is a small and completely free SF convention held in Sydney each year. This year it’s at Bankstown library (a two-minute walk from Bankstown Railway Station, toward Keating Park, the Bankstown Court complex and the Town Hall apparently).

It runs over Friday evening then all weekend. The sessions are Friday November 27th from 6 to 8 pm, Saturday November 28th from 8.30am to 4pm and Sunday November 29th from 1 to 4pm. Wait, 8,30am on Saturday!? Fuck me, that’s an early start from where I live. I’m going to be there a bit late.

There’s a short story competition, a crazy auction thing, lots of panels and general con-related tomfoolery. I’ll be there along with a glistening plethora of other writers, including:

Alan Baxter – RealmShift/MageSign
David Ko Chin –
Louise Curtis – Daylight (a twittertale)
David Dale
Terry Dowling –
Dr Van Ikin – The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
Kate Forsyth – The Puzzle Ring
Pamela Freeman – Full Circle,
Richard Harland – Worldshaker
Duncan Lay – The Wounded Guardian Blog: www.duncanlay.blogspot.cpm
Lewis Morley & Marilyn Pride – “The Peregrine Besset Omnibus” and “Red World Holiday”
Gillian Polack – Life Through Cellophane
Stella Tarackson

Seriously, for a free convention that’s a pretty stellar line-up. And that’s only the official guests. In alphabetical order, by the way, not some self-congratulatory order where I put myself at the top of the list over names like those. That list is taken from the latest email about the con from the organiser, to which I’ve added a few web addresses where I could find them. Do a little bit of web searching on those names if you don’t know them and be amazed at the incredible spec-fic talent therein. There’ll be loads of other writers and associated folk at the con as well and I’m sure there’ll be a general air of SF partying.

Anyway, I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday (I can’t make the Friday session) so come along, have fun and don’t forget to say hello.