J M Strother over at Mad Utopia came up with this idea for authors to build up their platform using Twitter. The hashtag symbol is used for Twitter searches and is a powerful tool for following trends or news items. Strother has suggested using a hashtag of #fictionfriday to post regular pieces of short fiction on your website or blog, then tweet the link on Twitter every Friday, accompanied with #fictionfriday. He’s modeled the concept on the popular #followfriday hashtag, which is a great way for Twitter users to recommend other Twitter users to their followers.

I think Strother is onto a good idea here, so I thought I’d share. I’ll try to post some flash fiction here periodically and tweet about it and we’ll see if this thing has legs or not. I might start by tweeting about some of the flash fiction already on my Dark Shorts page. If anything comes of it, I’ll start writing some new pieces as time allows.

If you use Twitter and you’re a writer, get on board and spread the word. Do you think this idea is a good one? Share your thoughts in the comments.