I was with a friend in a Sydney suburb this weekend. I won’t name the suburb – let’s just say it was north of the Bridge. As we were walking along I saw what I first took to be an abandoned, ramshackle house about three days from demolition. Then I saw this sign on the side of the house:


Can you read the sign? It says Tully’s Restorations. Restorations? Look at that house! It’s like going to the dentist only to find he has a mouth full of teeth that look like Stonehenge. Or going to the Doctor and finding yourself across the desk from an obese heavy smoker strapping up his arm for a smack hit. You have to admit that there’s rarely truth in advertising of that quality.

In a totally unrelated piece of news, a couple of people have been asking why the comments here at The Word are moderated. I know that a lot of people get annoyed about that sort of thing, but I’m afraid it’s unavoidable. Have a look at this, to help to illustrate exactly why:


It’s not very clear, but that’s a screenshot of my email Inbox. Every new message there (which goes on beyond the page boundary) is a comment awaiting moderation. That’s in one day. Out of that list, about two comments were actually relevant. The rest were all spam comments, mostly trying to sell Phenterline, Cialis and other such drugs. Plus there’s always a few from these bizarre far left wing blogs trying to incite debate about the state of the US Administration.

So I don’t want all of those going up onto the comments of various, random posts which I would then have to hunt down, so I moderate daily. You’ll have to put up with it. And if you’re one of those that are spamming me with comments about drugs and Bush’s lies, I just have this to say: “Die, you scum bag, spamming bastards!”

There’s really no point in getting annoyed about it, as there’s really nothing that can be done, but I do despair about human nature when I’m bombarded with things like this. If anyone out there has a good way to kill this stuff, let me know.