I’ve been invited to be a guest speaker at an Emerging Writers’ Festival event in Brisbane called Digital Writers: taking your words online. It’s a very exciting idea, but it needs some funding and the whole project is currently being crowdsourced. You can support the event simply by buying a ticket to attend. Here’s the event explained:

On 15 October, the Emerging Writers’ Festival want to run a mini-conference called Digital Writers: taking your words online. The event will equip writers with ideas and inspiration about sharing their work and words with audiences online. Panel discussions full of practical advice will explore how to write for online audiences, and where the opportunities are in the digital space. Our talented line-up of writers will share how they use new technologies to create, to market and to make money by their writing.

From blogging and tweeting to online journalism, and everything in between, Digital Writers is an event for writers wanting to use the online space to take their writing to the next level.

The line up of speakers are experts in online writing, publishing and marketing, including:

Sophie Black, Editor, Crikey.com.au
Andrew McMillen, Freelance Journalist
Jason Nelson, digital and hypermedia poet
Simon Groth, novelist & If:Book Director
Alan Baxter, spec. fiction author
Karen Pickering, commentator & editor
Christy Dena, Director, Universe Creation 101
Lisa Dempster, blogger & festival director
Daniel Donahoo, writer, blogger & geek

& more to be announced

As you can see, it’s a cool idea and very useful for writers both established and emerging. I’m honoured to have been asked to be a part of it and really hope it can all go ahead. So, how do you help to make it happen? Simple. Just by paying a few dollars in support or pledging now with $45 which will buy you a ticket to attend. All the details are here: http://www.pozible.com.au/index.php/archive/index/2214/description/0/0 You’ll also find a video there, and that video includes a moment of me in my garden. That alone must be worth the visit, right?

Support writing and writing events in Australia by getting involved. Just a few dollars and you’re earning the good karma. For every dollar pledged, a good thing will happen to you.*

*This is not a guarantee, but it is my fervent hope.