You may remember a while ago that Editor Unleashed and Smashwords ran a flash fiction contest. The top 40 entries were collected in an ebook anthology and each earned their author $25, with the winning entry getting $500. My story, Parklife, was one of the top 40.

Well, they’re at it again. Editor Unleashed and Smashwords are now running an essay contest. They want essays from writers on why they write, in 750 words or less. The winner receives $500 and all the top entries will be collected in an ebook released by Smashwords. Each entry gets posted in the Editor Unleashed forums and forum members can vote for their favourites throughout January next year. All the contest rules can be found here.

I’ve already entered. Maria at Editor Unleashed announced this contest a few weeks ago and I’d already been working on an entry. You can see mine here: In Conversation With The Stories. I’ve taken a slightly creative approach to the notion of an essay.

So if you’re a writer and you can explain why in an interesting way, have a go and you might win $500.