Yep, here I go asking you guys for votes again. You may remember that Editor Unleashed and Smashwords ran a flash fiction contest a little while ago. The initial round of voting was by popular vote through the Editor Unleashed forum and then an editorial decision was made. My story “Parklife” won a place in that anthology thanks to you guys helping with the voting.

Well, the same team is at it again and they’ve set up a “Why I Write” contest. They’ve asked people to write a little essay (under 750 words) on why they write. I thought I’d have a go and wrote this little piece based on the voices I hear in my head. Come on, you lot must have realised by now that there are voices in my head.

Anyway, you can read the piece here. I’d love your vote if you like it. It’s a bit annoying because you have to be a forum member to vote. So if you are a member, you’ll see a star dropdown menu at the top right of the posting. If not, and you want to sign up, go through the usual sign-up process, then you’ll get a confirmation email. Click on the link in the confirmation email and you’re good to go. They’re actually really good forums, so worth a look anyway.

Thanks in advance for anyone that’s kind enough to take the time to vote for me.