Editor Unleashed is a great website run by Maria Schneider, a freelance writer and the former editor-in-chief of Writer’s Digest magazine. She recently teamed up with Next Chapter Communications and my favourite ebook site, Smashwords, to bring us a writing competition. The idea is simple, yet excellent.

On the Editor Unleashed forums Maria set up a contest where people could post flash fiction entries of no more than 1,000 words. At the end of each day the topics were locked so no more edits could be made. For a few weeks the contest was open and there are now 14 pages of entries. Not bad result. But here’s the most important part.


I need you to vote for my entry. The contest is now open to voting and it’s a reader review process. You go onto the forums, read as many stories as you like and vote for them with a 1 to 5 star rating system – 1 being awful, 5 being excellent. You have to be a registered member of the forums to vote and you can only vote once per story. I would be incredibly grateful if you could all see your way to voting for my story, Parklife, which can be found here. At the top of the post you will see a star rating – click on the drop down and give the story as many stars as you think it’s worth. I find 5 to be a good, solid, round number. And if you could spread the word and ask other people to vote for it, that would be great. Be sure to have a read of the other stories too – there are some cracking yarns on there.

I realise that this is likely to become a popularity contest more than a contest based on real writing merit, but there are a few lines of defence in the judging as far as I know. The top 40 stories will be published in a free ebook by Smashwords, so it’s a pretty cool prize.

Get out there and enjoy some flash fiction. Vote for my story to earn yourself a feeling of warm self-fulfilment and as a bonus gift you’ll be a member of the Editor Unleashed forums, which is a cool place to hang out.

Incidentally, the full details of the contest, including the full list of prizes (which includes cash as well as publication) along with the judging details, can be found here.