The group signing this weekend to celebrate Halloween was great fun. Five authors all lined up at tables right in the doorway of Dymocks in Southland, scaring innocent passing shoppers. We had lots of people dropping by, friends coming to say hello, new people introducing themselves and complete strangers happy to have a chat. One guy was chatting to me about dark fantasy, looking very closely at a copy of RealmShift and I thought he was planning to buy a copy. Then he started thumbing through it and said, “Oh, there are rude words in here!”

“Yes,” said I, “quite a few actually.”

He made a noise of nervous fear, put the book down and hurried away. Very strange. Thank fuck he didn’t buy the book and start reading before he’d had a thumb through. Poor fella might have keeled over.

But even so, many books were signed and sold and everyone had a ball. Many thanks to Chuck McKenzie for organising it – we need more people like Chuck in charge of bookshops!

Here are a few pics from the day:

Bob Franklin was running late and missed out on this group photo. In this shot are myself and Jason Nahrung at the back, with Kirstyn McDermott and Bruce Kaplan sitting down in front.

We had a visit from the crime sisters, so this shot is (L to R) Standing: Kylie Fox, Emme Mercer, Amanda Wrangles, Jason Nahrung, Lindy Cameron. Sitting: myself, Kirstyn McDermott, Bruce Kaplan.

Bob did show up, and here’s the proof. Myself and Bob Franklin behind piles of books.

Thanks again, Chuck. Let’s do it again sometime.