@mlvalentine on Twitter pointed me in the direction of this very cool site – DriveThruStuff.com.

It’s an online store where you can buy and download all kinds of… well, stuff. There’s RPG (Role Playing Game) stuff, comics, wargaming and so on. But of course, my real interest lies in the fiction sections: DriveThruFantasy, DriveThruHorror and DriveThruSciFi. These pages are packed with all kinds of great fiction, mainstream titles and indies, all at a wide variety of prices.

I’ve now got my books available there and as a special promotion you can buy them both for US$5. Usually the ebook editions of RealmShift and MageSign are US$3.50 each (both on Smashwords and DriveThru) but you can buy them both as a bundle from DriveThru for US$5 total. I’m also glad to report that Smashwords will soon be offering a similar option to bundle books and I’ll be making the same offer available over there. The Kindle editions of my books are a bit more expensive at US$3.99 on Amazon. You can find my stuff on DriveThru by clicking here.

So head on over and have a look around. I think it’s a great site with loads of stuff on offer. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of it.