DrabblecastYou’d all know by now what a fan I am of fiction podcasts. I’d heard mention of the Drabblecast many times, but never got around to checking it out until recently. Norm Sherman, the host there, often features on other podcasts I listen to, as a narrator or guest, and I’ve enjoyed his work. I’m kicking myself that it took me this long to get around to subscribing to his own podcast. It’s everything I love about fiction and more.

As it describes itself:

The Drabblecast is an award-winning, illustrated, listener-supported audio fiction magazine, released as a free to download, weekly podcast. It features short stories at the far side of weird, including science fiction, horror, fantasy, and everything in between. It is hosted and produced by Norm Sherman. The Drabblecast is open to submissions and is a paying market.

The production values are excellent, the host is great, there are all kinds of fiction including Drabbles of 100 words and Twabbles of just 100 characters. These things really aren’t stories per se, but they are good fun. In a dark, sick and twisted kind of way, which is exactly how I like my fun.

And I’ll certainly be submitting some work to the Drabblecast in the future. If you like your fiction weird and podcasted, get on board this crazy train.

All the details here: Drabblecast.