This post is more for the Australian readers than the international ones. Sorry international people, no offence. But read on, it might interest you anyway. You see, for the first time the Aussie dollar has hit parity with the US dollar. In fact, at the time of writing, the exchange rate is AU$1.00 = US$1.00582. So for every Aussie dollar we get a US dollar plus a half cent bonus.

So what?

Well, here’s the good part. The internet makes for the biggest shopping mall humanity has ever known and with dollar parity we get amazing deals over here. Books in Australia are stupidly expensive. My novels, for example, are AU$19.95 RRP in Australia. If you go to Amazon you’ll see my books are US$9.99. Well, right now that means they’re pretty much AU$9.99 as well. That’s half price. Or go to Book Depository and they’re US$9.17 with free worldwide shipping. So you really can get books for less than half price at the moment, without even losing out on postage. And that’s all books, of course, not just mine. (I couldn’t resist some shameless self-promotion).

The same applies to pretty much anything else you can think of. With dollar parity, even factoring in shipping, you can get goods for way less than Australian domestic prices. Be careful though – anything over $1,000 will attract taxes which might smash your savings, so order in lots of less than a grand if you plan to spend big.

I’m not one to trash local business or distributors, who will miss out big time with this parity situation, but let’s be honest – none of us are made of money. And who knows how long this parity situation will last. So get on board and take advantage while you can. Right now you can order RealmShift and MageSign from Book depository (click on the book names for handy direct links) and literally get two for the price of one. Can’t argue with that. While you’re there, get all those other books you’ve been promising yourself. Go on, you deserve it.