This is as much for my own benefit as anything else, but I thought you lot might be interested. I’ve started fine-tuning my online presence to get a bit more control over it all. I’m the first to admit that I’m an absolute net-whore. I wander around the digital domain waving my business at anyone that happens to look in my direction. Such is the nature of the modern world.

I have all kinds of online communities that I like to be a part of, as well as keeping an online presence to promote my work in the hope that people will be interested enough to read my stuff and help keep my career alive. Or, at least, not entirely moribund. Plus, I just love being a part of the online landscape. I get to meet so many interesting people, learn cool stuff and enjoying absolute lunacy from the around the world, all in the comfort of my office chair. It’s a crazy place out there and I don’t like to miss anything.

So, because of that, I have numerous things to keep an eye on and numerous places to share my own little slices of madcappery. This website, The Word (assuming you’re reading this there), is my main place. It’s the hub of my online activities. But I also have a LiveJournal blog (where you may well be reading this right now) and I’m very active on Twitter and Facebook. (I actually have two Facebook places. The one linked to here is my author page, but the one shared with Posterous and The Word is my personal page, which I keep for people I actually know.)

I’ve also recently become very busy on Posterous, but that’s partly to help streamline all this stuff and partly to collate all the crazies I enjoy. In an attempt to get my head around how I’ve set everything up, and in an effort to show anyone else that may be interested, I came up with this little diagram. It illustrates all the places that I’m active and how those places cross-pollinate each other to save me posting things in multiple places.

I hope that helps to clarify things, if you were even vaguely interested in knowing. Everywhere you see an arrow is an automatic share, so posting in the one place automatically shares that thing with every place pointed at. And this doesn’t include all the various forums that I tend to chat away on to a greater or lesser extent, depending on mood and time. In fact, looking at this makes me wonder where the fuck I get time to do anything else, but I do. I’m actually pretty good at it. And, with that, I’m off to work on the new novel, before the Grudge Monkey comes looking to kick my arse again.