Happy book day to me! It’s always exciting and nerve-wracking when a new book comes out, but the immediate response to the release of DEVOURING DARK has been wonderful, so thanks to everyone for that. I’m really proud of this book and hope you’ll give it a go if it sounds like your kind of thing. You can find all the info you need, and all the relevant links here.

Meanwhile, there are a few accompanying guest posts around the net:

Firstly, I’m over at Chuck Wendig’s blog talking about The H-Word, horror as a ghetto genre.

And I’m at Joanna Penn’s blog, The Creative Penn, with 7 Tips for Writing Horror Stories.

And here I am at Frank Michael Errington’s blog with a guest post called Dealing With Death.

And here I’m at John F D Taff’s blog with a post called Why do you write such horrible stuff?

There’ll be some other bits and pieces cropping up over the next week or two, so watch my social media. But in the meantime, if you are interested in getting a copy of DEVOURING DARK, please grab it soon even if you can’t read it just yet. Those early sales and early ranks REALLY help with a book’s ongoing visibility and shelf-life. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!