I mentioned in a post yesterday that my short story, Punishment Of The Sun, will be included in the Ticonderoga Publications anthology Dead Red Heart. I’m also part of a collaboration of a dozen or so writers that put together a piece called The Tide for the same book. Ticonderoga have just released the Table Of Contents for the book and it looks fantastic:

“The Tide”, Martin Livings and friends
“Mutiny on the Scarborough”, Shona Husk
“Sun Falls”, Angela Slatter
“Such is Life”, Jeremy Sadler
“Apolotoi”, Chris Lawson
“Punishment of the Sun”, Alan Baxter
“Red Delicious”, Felicity Dowker
“Just a Matter of Economics”, Yvonne Eve Walus
“Quarantine”, Patty Jansen
“Out of the Grave”, Amanda Pillar
“Desert Blood”, Marty Young
“Thin Air”, Simon Brown
“Kissed by the Sun”, Jodi Cleghorn
“Black Heart”, Joanna Fay
“Renfield’s Wife”, Damon Cavalcini
“Listening to Tracy”, Jen White
“Breaking the Drought”, Jay Caselberg
“Children of the Cane”, Jason Nahrung
“The Sea at Night”, Joanne Anderton
“Sky in the Morning”, Sonia Marcon
“Taking it for the Team”, Tracie McBride
“All that Glisters”, Pete Kempshall
“The Rider”, Martin Livings
“Vitality”, George Ivanoff
“Coming Home”, Kathryn Hore
“The Little Red Man”, Ray Gates
“Deathborn Light”, Helen Stubbs
“The Life Stealer”, Donna Maree Hanson
“Behind the Black Mask”, Jacob Edwards
“Interview with the Jiangshi”, Anne Mok
“White and Red in the Black”, Lisa L Hannett
“Lady Yang’s Lament”, Penelope Love

There are some truly talented people in there, and I’m sure the ones I haven’t read before will be equally talented. This is a book of Australian vampire stories, which is a cool idea, and I can’t wait to see what the other authors have come up with. I know for me the concept immediately gave me inspiration in two main areas:

1. Australia is a wide open, sun-drenched land; and 2. Vampires are supposed to be nasty, feral creatures that feed on people, not lovely sparkly sex symbols.

So that’s the angle my story takes. I’ll let you know when the book is released.