I’ve been very excited about this one for a while. My novelette, The Darkest Shade Of Grey, is finally published. At least, Episode 1 is now up. It’s being serialised over four weeks at The Red Penny Papers. Firstly, check out this sweet cover, by awesome artist Megan Eckman.

The Darkest Shade Of Grey

Click on the cover for a bigger version.

I just love that image – it really captures the heart of the story. The publisher describes the story thus:

It’s a bit of stunning supernatural noir about a hard up journalist whose drinking problem goes beyond the usual need for self-medication. David sees things he shouldn’t be able to see, that no one could handle seeing — and he has no one but himself to blame for opening the door to them.

Click here to read Episode 1 and I’ll post each week when the next episode is up. Parts 2, 3 and 4 should be posted each Friday/Saturday (depending on your timezone) over the next three weeks. I’m incredibly proud of this story, so I really hope you all enjoy it.