Book DepositoryThe publisher of my novels, Gryphonwood Press, has put together a Halloween special. They’re offering an ebook anthology of short fiction from all the Gryphonwood authors, and it’s free. This weekend only, you can get it for free at Smashwords, by entering the following code at checkout: AD94N

The anthology contains two reprinted stories of mine, The Night Bus and Cemetery, along with stories from John E. Bailor, Jim Bernheimer, David Debord, Terry W. Ervin II, Ryan A. Span, Sherry Thompson and an introduction by David Wood.

The full Table of Contents is:

Cemetery by Alan Baxter
Skull Face Returns by Terry W. Ervin II
Stupid Pigs by Jim Bernheimer
Sisyphus by Sherry Thompson
The Chosen One by David Debord
The Night Bus by Alan Baxter
A Sailor’s Tale by Sherry Thompson
The Scene of My Second Murder by Terry W. Ervin II
Hell on Earth by John E. Bailor
Memory Game by Ryan A. Span

You can get the anthology here. Click through to buy, then enter the code above to reduce the cost the zero. Free books FTW – Enjoy! And tell your friends.

EDIT: I should also mention that you can get Dark Places from Kindle and from B&N (for Nook) but it’s not free from these places. You have to pay a whole 0.99c.