The publisher of my novels, Gryphonwood Press, has got a bit of a tradition going. Each Halloween there’s a new anthology featuring dark short fiction from Gryphonwood authors. The first one was last year, and now there’s Dark Places 2. That makes it a tradition. So shut up. You can get it in any ebook format you prefer right here from Smashwords.

Dark Places 2 features short fiction from Justin R. Macumber, Terry W. Ervin II, John E. Bailor, David Wood and myself. My contribution is The Seven Garages Of Kevin Simpson. This story was a Pseudopod original in episode 242 back in August 2011. That, of course, was a podcast. Now it’s available in text at last.

For the absolute steal of 99c, (buy it here, now!) these five stories should hopefully entertain and set a good Halloween vibe. I’ve read David Wood’s Aqua Zombie and it’s a great yarn. And yes, an aqua zombie. Think about it. Now go and get the book and read about it. You’ll also get my creepy story about a dead man with seven unexpected garages, plus stories from Justin Macumber, Terry Ervin and John Bailor. How can you go wrong with that?

What’s more, if you wait till Halloween to buy the book, it won’t even cost you 99c. It’ll be free on Halloween. Seriously, free. Nada. Zip. Nothing. But seeing as it’s only 99c anyway, you might as well get it right now. I’ll put a quick post up here on Halloween with the coupon code for the freebie, but I’m sure you won’t be able to contain your excitement. I mean, what’s 99c? You can’t even buy a newspaper for that kinda moolah. In fact, you’ve probably already gone to buy it and I’m talking to myself right here, aren’t I. Huh? Aren’t I? Hello?