I’ve always been a big fan of H P Lovecraft. A true horrorist and dark fantasist, Lovecraft created some of the most impressive and timeless stories ever written. Not to mention that he also created the Necronomicon. What a legend.

Well, I’ve just discovered via S F Signal that there’s a movie out in limited release in the US called Cthulhu – The Movie. You can see the trailer here. It looks like a bit of a mishmash of a number of Cthulhu stories but it looks interesting enough to tempt me to see it. The synopsis on the site I linked above sounds awful, so it’s just as well the trailer looks better. Although it is a bit of a shame that Tori Spelling is in it.

This is Cthulhu. Let’s hope he eats Tori Spelling in the movie.

The only other movies of Lovecraft stories that I’m aware of are Re-Animator (a classic movie, though somewhat removed from Lovecraft’s story) and a straight to video release called Dagon. Dagon was actually a fairly good film. I’m sure there are many others, but I can’t bring them to mind just now. (Interestingly a quick search for ‘Cthulhu’ at imdb.com revealed a movie of that name made here in Australia in 2000. There’s hardly any information there about it, however, so it doesn’t seem to have come to much. There’s a big list of stuff under ‘Lovecraft’.)

Hopefully this new American film will make it to our shores, even if it is on a direct to DVD trajectory. Worth a look, but don’t expect anything too spectacular. If you see it, let me know what you thought.