crowded-2Very happy about this one, and not only because the magazine pays pro rates! The second issue of Crowded is out, and I’m very proud that it contains my dark urban fantasy story, Roll the Bones. I’m pleased this story found a good home, as it’s one of my favourites. Of course, all my stories are my favourites. Shut up, you can’t pick your favourite kid. (Everyone does.)

Lots of other good stuff in this issue too. Here’s the contents as described on the site:

New Fiction

Roll the Bones, our first story in this issue, poses an interesting question about personal choice.

After the Hourglass Empties is a science fiction story about a grim (and gritty) future.

The Jester’s Child finds an entertainer pushed out of her comfort zone.

Cats are territorial creatures. So are humans. House Cats is an urban fantasy story about both.

Eastern Promise is a chilling story about compulsion.

The other horror story in this issue, An Empty Room, is a nice counterpoint to Eastern Promise: a story about obsession, rather than compulsion.

Yes – And Also I Really Did Need to Buy Cadmium – Cadmium, I Tell You! explores the softer side of mad scientists.

The Baby Mimic is a science fiction story about the impact technology can have on our deepest feelings.

Miss Rahl describes a schoolboy’s fantasy boiling up into something else.

Artist Profile: David Keen

Gallery and Biography

Masterwork: Jack Dann

Jack tells us: Well, I was never in Vietnam, but the hypnosis material in this story is basically autobiographical. When I was a twelve-year-old virgin seething with hormonal frustration, I did indeed try to use self-hypnosis to conjure up the iconic Marilyn Monroe. But, alas, the statuesque queen of the silver screen transmogrified herself into something else, something dark and terrifying … just like in the story. It took over a year to shake off the phantasm that followed me around after that little experiment. Marilyn was also adapted by Brian Smith and myself for Omni’s Seeing Ear Theatre as Marilyn Or the Monster. It was produced and directed by Brian Smith and starred John Heard.

Pretty sweet, huh? Get your copy here.