Continuum 6It’s convention time again. This weekend I’ll be at Continuum 6: Future Tense. Continuum is a Melbourne con that has a cool, intimate vibe. There’s always good people and interesting things going on.

For my part, other than hanging out with friends and hopefully making some new friends, I’ll be on a couple of panels and doing a reading.

Friday arvo I’ll be interviewed with Paul Haines by Radio National for their Book Show program. I must admit, that’s a very exciting turn of events! I’m not sure when the interview will go to air, but I’ll let you know more as I find out.

Saturday afternoon at 4pm I’ll be on a panel with George Ivanoff, Narrelle M Harris and Christian Tamblyn talking about Self-Promotion.

Saturday at 6pm I’ll be joining forces with Paul Haines again on a panel talking about Aussie Horror vs Other Horror, discussing what makes Australian horror unique.

On Sunday at 2pm I’ll be sharing a reading session with Cat Sparks. I’ll read an excerpt from MageSign.

On Sunday at 4pm I’ll be on a panel with Mark Pesce, Kim Westwood and mIk3y debating why the world as we know it should or shouldn’t end in 2012.

So there you go. Not too busy, but a fair bit of stuff happening. There’s also a few other panels that I’m very interested in attending to listen in. You can find the full program for the weekend here. If you can get into Melbourne, come along and join in the fun. Come and say hello if you see me wandering around looking lost.