I’m home from Conflux 6, exhausted but exhilirated. What a great con it was.

Today I was on a panel all about Twitter, blogging and all things internet promotion. It was an interesting and lively panel that consisted of myself and Nicole Murphy (who has just sold a fantasy trilogy to Harper Collins – yay Nicole!) While there were only two of us on one side of the desk, the audience was very much informed and involved and we had a really interesting chat.

Before that I went and listened in on a panel all about editing anthologies. Given that I’m working on an anthology with Blade Red Press at the moment I was really interested to hear what people had to say and see what I could learn. On the panel were Bill Congreve, Cat Sparks, Alisa Krasnostein and Donna Hanson. Between them those people have a wealth of experience with anthologies. I did learn a lot.

There was more I wanted to attend today but I think I hit critical mass. After hanging out for a while in the dealer’s room I said my goodbyes and made the drive home. It was atrocious weather, with rain and fog half the way, and I think that’s sapped the last remaining energy I had.

I’ll catch up on emails and all that normal stuff tomorrow and I can’t wait to get back into my writing. Cons are superb for motivation. I’ll also track down what photos I can and I’ll post a wrap sometime this week with pics and my afterthoughts on the whole thing.

I want to thank Karen Herkes and the Conflux committee for organising a blinder of an event, and I also want to thank them for giving me so many opportunites to be involved. It was great fun to mix with people that I have so much respect for – Gillian Polack, Cat Sparks, Rob Hood, Jack Dann, Paul Haines, Stuart Mayne, Chris Barnes, Mark McBride, Sean McMullen, Richard Harlan, Jim Minz, Ian Nicholls, Nick Stathopoulos, Crisetta MacLeod… you know what, this list could go on for ages and I’d still miss people. I’m sure I already have. You all know who you are and you all rock. It’s truly inspiring to share time with you all.

For now, I plan to sink ever deeper into the sofa and watch telly until I crawl into bed.