So it’s been busy but I’m going to try to keep up with these updates. I had my first “professional” engagement today at 10am, a workshop called Write The Fight Right. It was a 2 hour workshop where I talked about what really happens in a fight and what makes a written fight realistic and exciting to read. There was a good group of people that came along and took part, we did some basic martial arts exercises to explore the nature of footwork and range and how hard it is to hit someone that doesn’t want to be hit. As always with these things the 2 hours passed in what felt like about 30 minutes and I didn’t get to do half the things I wanted to. But I did get through the workshop notes, talked about a number of aspects involved in writing convincing fight scenes and hopefully the people that came went away with a better idea of how to write a fight scene that is both exciting to read and realistic to people that know fighting. The beauty is that for people that don’t know fighting a well written fight scene can be very refreshing and perhaps even a little bit shocking. The feedback I had from the participants seemed largely positive, so that was encouraging.

In the afternoon I went along to a workshop run by Gillian Polack where she talked about conspiracy theories. Being an historian, Gillian looks at historical fiction the same way I look at fights in fiction. Very critically, in other words. Her workshop was really interesting, breaking down how a good conspiracy theory takes strong historical events and ties them in with modern day events which you then weave your fictional story around. There was also, of course, much talk of Dan Brown, the Da Vinci Code and how Brown may or may not be a good writer. (He’s not, but he can spin a good conspiracy caper).

Following that there was the official opening of Conflux MCd by Richard Harland and these guys:


Sorry for the poor picture – iPhone snaps in low light never come out well.

I’ve since had a great Indian meal with some wonderful people and now I’ve retired to my hotel room to collapse until tomorrow.