I’m so tired and the clocks go forward tonight so I’m losing an hour. And I have to be making some kind of sense at 10am (9am!) tomorrow on a panel about publishing options. So sorry, not much of an update today.

I had the early kaffeeklatch thing this morning which was basically sitting around drinking coffee with a bunch of nice people that were kind enough to come and join me. Thanks guys, if you’re reading.

At lunchtime I was on a panel with Jack Dann, Richard Harland, Sean McMullen and Cat Sparks talking about our methods for setting the scene well with writing. Basically the tricks we use to convey a good sense of scene without bogging the reader down with detail of just info-dumping and distracting from the story. I was very honoured to share a panel with such august company and very pleased that a lot of my writing methods seemed to resonate with theirs. I must be doing something right after all!

Another high point of today was the 19th century cajun bbq banquet this evening organised by Gillian Polack, which was bloody delicious. It’s nearly midnight now (1am!) and I’m still full. So I’m going to bed as I have to be able to communicate in human on the morrow.