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The Marque Hotel, October 3 to 6


The fifth Conflux science fiction convention is now just over three weeks away. This year, with a theme of Dreaming, the convention will be paying homage to Australia ’s indigenous heritage, as well as looking at the dreams that inevitably unfold the first time you read science fiction, fantasy or in the case of horror, nightmares.

The convention will run over four days and features six guests with great histories in the field of science fiction, fantasy and horror – Liz Gorinsky, Jack Dann, Mark Shireffs, Cat Sparks, Gillian Polack and Bruce Gillespie. A total of 13 workshops, covering aspects from superstition through blogging to using a longsword, and nearly 50 panels will provide a lot of information and inspiration for attendees.

Friday night is the Great Debate – this year’s topic “Is this a dream or is it reality?” and following that, a major event for anticipated anthology Dreaming Again, featuring editor Jack Dann and several of the writers. Saturday afternoon will see a mass book signing, with around 30 authors gathered in the one place. Saturday night is the now famous Conflux dinner, this year with the theme of Prohibition New York. The 1920s was when the term science fiction was coined, and the modern genre was born.

For anyone with an interest in science fiction, fantasy or horror, written or on the screen, Conflux 5 is the place to be. More information at www.conflux.org.au

WHAT: Conflux 5 – Dreaming

WHERE: The Marque Hotel, Northbourne Avenue , Canberra

WHEN: October 3 to 6 2008

COST: Memberships at the door – Adult $240, student $180 (cheaper if bought before hand), day memberships Friday and Monday $50, Saturday and Sunday $100

CONTACT: www.conflux.org.au, [email protected]


Liz Gorinsky is an editor with Tor, one of the largest publishers of science fiction and fantasy in America . She edits a list that includes acclaimed speculative fiction authors Ben Bova, Dave Duncan, A.J. Hartley, George Mann, Cherie Priest, Brian Slattery, and Jeff VanderMeer. She also assists editors Ellen Datlow, Jim Frenkel, and Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden.

Jack Dann is the editor of the only Australian book to win a World Fantasy Award – Dreaming Down Under. He himself is also one of the acknowledged experts in alternate history, with novels such as The Memory Cathedral and The Rebel. Jack has just launched the follow up to Dreaming Down Under – Dreaming Again, which will be a feature of Conflux 5.

Mark Shireffs is a screen writer whose short film The Mysterious Geographical Explorations of Jasper Morello was nominated for an AFI and BAFTA award. He is almost solely responsible for the strong showing of science fiction and fantasy in Australian children’s television, having written Spellbinder, The Girl from Tomorrow and Pig’s Breakfast.

Cat Sparks is a multi-award winning short story writer, editor and illustrator who was the official photographer for two NSW premiers. She has recently won her first Aurealis and Ditmar awards for her own writing, and is now working on her first novel.

Gillian Polack has a doctorate in medieval history, teaches extensively across Canberra and has one novel in print with a small new US press and another forthcoming. Twelve of her short stories have been published. One of these stories won a Victorian Ministry of the Arts award and three more have been listed as recommended reading in the international lists of world’s best fantasy and science fiction short stories.

Bruce Gillespie is one of the grand old gentlemen of Australian science fiction fandom, having started attending meetings and conventions in 1967. He has been publishing critical essays on the genre and the industry since 1969. He has won many awards for his work for fandom, including being the past president of the Fan Writers of America. He currently publishes Steam Engine Time, one of the few fanzines still in existence in Australia .

The Australian Horror Writers’ Association will be presenting a special program of panels at Conflux V – stay tuned to HorrorScope for all the details!

Source: Nicole R Murphy, Programmer, Conflux 5