Do you remember me rattling on about church signs recently and how I find them both infuriating and amusing by turns? You don’t? Well here, read it again.

I haven’t forgotten about it. Here’s the first submission. You’ll have to excuse the poor quality of the photo – it was taken with my phone, at night.

This is from the Central Baptist Church in the city of Sydney. The sign itself says:

God exists otherwise life’s purpose is meaningless.

Not particularly interesting, other than being a study in completely empty rhetoric. However, look more closely and you’ll see that someone has taken it upon themselves to add some editorial comment to the sign. The little white sticker at the bottom of the sign says:

Lifes [sic] meaningless regardless of a god.

Well, the church might be spinning completely baseless assumptions, but at least there’s some strange hint of hope in the message that they’re trying to convey. The added comments are rather nihilistic. I can’t help feeling sorry for the poor soul, but I respect their efforts at entering the debate.

And no, it wasn’t me.