Maggie Pragratis is an author with a vision. She writes children’s books (Go Away Booboo! is already available in a number of languages), but that’s not enough. She wants to make the whole world a better place, not just the lives of the kids that read her books.

Go Away Booboo! by Maggie Pragratis
Go Away Booboo! by Maggie Pragratis

She is the founder of Athse Publishing, which produces and promotes kid’s books along with poetry and images, with large chunks of the proceeds going to charities like the Canadian Red Cross, Midway Stop, Krishnamurti Foundation of America and so on. A diverse range of products and supported charities.

It’s a pretty noble concept. In Maggie’s own words “we are an online publishing house with a philanthropic philosopy”. The mission statement on the Athse Publishing website says:

“While books are being enjoyed, the charities benefitting from their earnings will build shelters, provide education, health care, food, and opportunities for those in need. This small contribution of ours, we hope, will go a long way…

I believe that with each of us doing our best, contributing what we have to offer, we can make this world wonderful, for everyone, today. Books represent beauty, magic, hope, learning, longevity, and this is what Athse Publishing would like to give the world.”

You can’t really argue with that. Check out their website here.