You may remember that I entered a flash fiction piece in a competition organised by Editor Unleashed and Smashwords. I asked you to go and have a read and vote for me.

Well, my story currently has 65 votes and a rating of 3.12 out of 5. That’s not a bad rating overall and puts me quite well up the running, but I don’t know if it’s good enough to make the top 40 and get included in the anthology.

If you can spare a few minutes, please go over to the Editor Unleashed forums where the comp is being held and vote for me. You’ll need to sign up to the forums, wait for a confirmation email and then click back through. Once you’ve done that you’ll see a star rating at the top right hand side of my story where you can add your vote. If you like the yarn and you think it’s worth 4 or 5 stars to help bring my average up, I’d greatly appreciate it. I know it’s a complicated process and a bit of a hassle, so thanks in advance to anyone that bothers to help me out. And thanks to those of you that have already voted. Once you’ve signed up to the forums you’ll never hear from them again if you don’t want to – there’s no spam or newsletters or anything like that.

This is the direct link to my story, Parklife: