So, Bush and the other APEC member world leaders have all gone home. It’ll still take a couple of days for all the concrete security fencing to be dismantled and for all the snipers on the skyscrapers to be winched down. I wonder if any of them are just a little bit disappointed that they didn’t get to shoot a terrorist.

Or a terrist, as Bush would have called them. Good old Dubya left us with a couple of classic faux pas. In one case he referred to APEC as OPEC. He’s not oil obsessed at all, is he. Then he claimed to have been invited to OPEC next year. He also referred to Prime Minister John Howard’s visit to Iraq as worthy, giving succour to the Austrian troops there. I wonder if anyone tapped him on the shoulder then and asked, “George, do you know where you are right now?” Perhaps when he gets back to the US Arnie can beat the difference into him. Even if it doesn’t work, the idea of Arnie trying to beat some sense into Dubya is a pleasant thought.

Don’t they make a lovely couple?

We are also going to get a new word in the next Macquarie Dictionary thanks to APEC. Aren’t we lucky? Sadly, it’s not a good word with some relevance to climate change or easing the poverty of third world nations. The new word is “lockdown”, with no hyphen. This is due to the Orwellian lockdown of Sydney deemed necessary for APEC to happen. Before now the word has only been used in a prison context when prisoners are confined to their cells during a security scare of some description.

Macquarie’s editor, Sue Butler, intends to add a phrasal verb to accepted usage, “to lock down”, and a broader definition to cover all manner of security measures that will include schools and cities. Cities! Butler said, “Rather alarming, isn’t it, that the prison lockdown is now extended to the whole city?”

Yes it is. Rather alarming.

Anyway, in an attempt to get with life as usual, this will be my last mention of APEC (and I think I’ve done pretty well avoiding the subject before now too). To take your minds off thoughts of huge screens with massive digital eyes watching your every move, I thought I’d draw your attention to some fiction.

Next post please!