A while ago, my mate Tom Bicknell jokingly referred to me as the Warrior Scribe, due the fact that I’m a martial arts instructor and a writer. I liked it, it kinda stuck, so I renamed my site. But only in the title graphic. Ever since then I’ve loosely embraced the Warrior Scribe moniker for myself. However, when I went looking for the domain, it wasn’t available. But it also wasn’t being used. Turns out it was owned by an evangelical Christian. When I contacted him and asked if I could buy it, he wanted to know what for. I directed him to this website. He came back laughing that I was all about the devil and such, and his domain was for the word of god. “You wait,” he said, “when I finally get around to using this domain I’ll be spreading the word of god with a power you wouldn’t believe. Cities will fall before my evangelical might!” I’m paraphrasing, of course, but that was gist of the old bollocks he was selling.

Anyway, I kept an eye on the domain. In the meantime, I used my new title in various places. It went into my email signature. I started a new Tumblr (as it turned out Posterous was complete arse) and used the named there: http://warrior-scribe.tumblr.com. Although, annoyingly, I had to use a hyphen as the name without the hyphen was already gone. (Don’t bother trying that one – it’s not very good and hasn’t been posted to for four months. Go and enjoy the lunacy of http://warrior-scribe.tumblr.com instead.)

But anyway, I kept an eye on things. And now, like a miracle from god (or a bloke who couldn’t be bothered any more), the domain of www.warriorscribe.com became available. So I bought it. Old Mr Evangelical didn’t destroy as many infidels as he hoped, it would seem. Go on, click it. See what happens.

Welcome back.

Yeah, I’m ridiculously pleased with such a lame fucking result, but I’ve just finished and submitted a trilogy of novels, so this is about where my brain is at right now. The thing is, I don’t really know what else to do with it. Other than having an easier url to tell people. Explaining alanbaxteronline.com doesn’t seem difficult, but it’s quite long and then you have to make sure they use alan and not allen or allan or alun or alwyn or whatever the hell else. Now it’s as simple as saying, “My website? Sure, it’s warriorscribe.com.”

I need to set up email to match, I suppose. Because explaining alan at alanbaxteronline dot com is even harder than the url. Beyond that, I’m not sure. Click any of the pages and it basically defaults back to the old alanbaxteronline.com files anyway as that’s still the hosted site. It’s just using a pseudonym. Like a proper little writer’s website. I might get some new business cards though.