Well, the first hiccough in the blog tour strikes today. I haven’t heard from Ruthie over at Ruthie’s Book Reviews. She was due to post a review of MageSign on Sunday as Day 7 of the tour. She let slip on her blog back on July 20th under the heading “Books I Read Last Week”:

MageSign by Alan Baxter – Read and loved it, but you have to wait until July 26th when Alan comes on over for a visit to read the review!

So that’s promising. She read and reviewed RealmShift back on June 14th and gave it 4/5. Here’s hoping for a similar result for MageSign. Anyway, I hope all is well with Ruth, but thought perhaps the best thing would be to move on with the tour and hope that Ruth and her review catch up in a day or two.

So, on to Day 8. I love this one – it’s a great idea. Pat Bertram, author of A Spark Of Heavenly Fire, has this great site called Pat Bertram Introduces… On this site she features interviews with the characters from novels, rather than the authors. It’s a really cool concept and I had a lot of fun answering interview questions in-character. So, head on over to Pat’s site and check out the interview with Isiah, protagonist from RealmShift and MageSign.

Blog book tour Day 8 – Pat Bertram introduces Isiah, hero of RealmShift and MageSign

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