Today’s stop on the blog tour is a little delayed due to international time changes, but it’s worth waiting for. I’ve been very excited about this one as it’s something different for everyone, even if you’re a regular reader here.

Those kind folks over at Wily Writers agreed to get involved with my book tour by reprinting my short story Stand Off, a yarn featuring Isiah, the protagonist from both RealmShift and MageSign. However, not only are they reprinting the story in text form, they’ve also recorded it and released it as a podcast. So for the first time one of my stories is in audio format.

I’ve just downloaded and listened to it myself. It’s very unusual to hear my work read aloud, especially in an American accent, but it’s pretty cool; Scott McGough reads very well. (I hope I spelled his name correctly there – he introduces himself in the podcast but I can’t find the name written down anywhere to check it.) My download of the podcast had a bit of repeat stutter at the beginning, but that cleared up quickly.

So if you fancy someone reading you a good story, check out:

Blog book tour Day 6 – Stand Off text and podcast at Wily Writers

Don’t forget that for the duration of the tour (until July 29th) you can get ebook editions of both RealmShift and MageSign for just US$1 each. This is an offer exclusive to Smashwords. The beauty of that is that Smashwords offer the books in a variety of formats, including Kindle friendly .mobi editions.

To get your special priced copies all you have to do is enter a discount code at the checkout. This will change the price from the usual US$3.50 to a special price of US$1. Go here for RealmShift and enter code ZR95S at the checkout; go here for MageSign and enter SF97B at the checkout. And don’t forget that you can get my novella Ghost Of The Black: A ‘Verse Full Of Scum from Smashwords for free all the time. Click here to grab your copy of that. Please spread the word about this special offer and hopefully lots of people will take advantage of getting two novels for just two bucks. Can’t say fairer than that.