I really should put “additional” in the title up there. Every time I write one these book tour titles I hear William Shatner saying, “Captain’s log, stardate 1422.6”.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that the lovely Angel over at Wily Writers has fixed the audio file of Stand Off, so there’s no longer the stuttering overlap for the first few seconds. If you’ve already downloaded it, you can click on the link you received in an email and download it again and you’ll get a shiny new podcast that’s all neat and tidy. And I’ve been informed that I did indeed spell Scott McGough’s name right – so thanks again, Scott, for a great read!

Get the text or podcast of the story Stand Off here.

I’m hoping to hear from Ruthie any time now with news of the MageSign review that marks Day 7 of the tour, so stay tuned for that. Then Day 8 is a fun one – it’s an interview with Isiah himself, the protagonist from the novels.

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