We’ve reached Day 10 of the blog book tour. It’s been a lot of fun! I noticed this today over at Ruthie’s blog:

Sorry for the interruption

I just wanted ot let you all know that I am still here, but due to having my computer down for the next two weeks – I have limited usage and time with a computer until then.

In two weeks, I will be back with Quote of the Days!! and more reviews! So please do not leave me, as I am not leaving you. Stupid computer!!!!


Anyways, I got a sec to tell everyone this, so please stay tuned. I will be back!

Crikey that’s a lot of exclamation marks. So that would explain the elusive Day 7 of the the tour. Hopefully Ruth will post the MageSign review when her computer woes are past and I’ll be sure to let everyone know when she does.

Meanwhile, on with the last day of the tour. To wrap things up I’ve got a guest post at The Furnace, the very interesting blog of Lord Shaper, where I talk about what inspired the novels RealmShift and MageSign and what’s happening next. (I should also point out that I mention the new book at the end of that article. I can confirm here that I have started writing that new book, I’m very excited about it and there will be the occasional cameo of old friends).

So, let’s wrap this thing up with:

Blog book tour Day 10 – The Inspiration for RealmShift and MageSign at The Furnace.

Don’t forget that for the duration of the tour (until July 29th) you can get ebook editions of both RealmShift and MageSign for just US$1 each. This is an offer exclusive to Smashwords. The beauty of that is that Smashwords offer the books in a variety of formats, including Kindle friendly .mobi editions.

To get your special priced copies all you have to do is enter a discount code at the checkout. This will change the price from the usual US$3.50 to a special price of US$1. Go here for RealmShift and enter code ZR95S at the checkout; go here for MageSign and enter SF97B at the checkout. And don’t forget that you can get my novella Ghost Of The Black: A ‘Verse Full Of Scum from Smashwords for free all the time. Click here to grab your copy of that. Please spread the word about this special offer and hopefully lots of people will take advantage of getting two novels for just two bucks. Can’t say fairer than that.