My indie publisher Blade Red Press has announced the Table of Contents for the Dark Pages Anthology. The book is due out in the first half of this year. Now that the stories are chosen it’s just a matter of the authors and editors polishing things up and then I’ll do all the production stuff. You should be able to buy the book from Amazon in a couple of months if all goes well.

Here’s the ToC:

The Stain of the Psychopomp King by Lucien E G Spelman
Heart Of Ice by Martin Livings
Neptune’s Garden by Lisa A Koosis
Dust by Naomi Bell
To Die For by S D Matley
The Franchise by Joe L Murr
Clip Notes by Marty Young
Blood on Green by Victoria Anisman-Reiner
Cargo by Aaron Polson
Nepenthe by Felicity Dowker
Yellow Water Pike by Derek Rutherford
Surveying The Land by B D Wilson
Nightwork by Robert Neilson
Hand And Cradle by Trent Roman

Seriously, these are great stories. It’s going to be a brilliant collection.

Official announcement here.