Regular readers will remember that I was talking about a new Australian magazine back in mid-September – Black – Australian Dark Culture. I’m still a bit behind the times on this, but I’ve just read Issue 2.

I’m pleased to say that a lot of the problems I had with Issue 1 have been fixed up a bit. I’m sure that was down to the editors of Black being regular readers here and taking my word as gospel. There were good articles on wide variety of subjects and an excellent amount of space dedicated to all things Zombie.

There seemed to be a lot less white text on black background, which was good for the eyes. There are still a few parts that strike me as a bit try-hard, but those with tastes different to mine might find them great. It takes all sorts, after all.

Anyway, the upshot is that the mag is definitely getting better and is well worth a look. At only eight bucks, you can’t go far wrong.