Well, busy as ever, but I don’t want to ignore you lovely people. Here’s a few bits and pieces for you to peruse.

Michael Fridman over at a Nadder pointed me in the direction of these two highly entertaining pages. The first is a list of the ten greatest ever typos, according to Oddee. I have to admit that the first and last ones are by far my favourites. Check them out here.

The second of Michael’s recent discoveries is the news that Paul Verhoeven is making a movie (or some say he’s written a book) that claims Mary, the mother of Jesus, was raped by a Roman soldier. Let’s face it, very few movies, even ones supposedly telling a true story, have much basis in fact. However, Verhoeven’s premise here is actually a lot more likely than the story generally accepted by Christians the world over. Seriously, two thousand years ago a woman gets pregnant. Which is more likely – virgin insemination by some all powerful, anthropomorphic superbeing or rape by a bored Centurion? Occam’s Razor anyone? It’s an old argument really; Christians, Jews, Muslims and all the rest are all convinced of a truly outrageous story against the wealth of evidence. But let’s not stop picking them up on it when the opportunities arise.

You can read a bit about Verhoeven’s deliberately inflammatory plans for a movie here or Liveleak are referring to a biography of Jesus that Verhoeven has written here. Perhaps he plans to make a film of his own book.