I recently discovered this site: http://www.bigwhitebox.com/

It’s a beta version of a new system where people, professionals and amateurs alike, can upload their photographs. The photos are then stocked on the site for sale to anyone that wishes to buy them, for any purpose, private or commercial. The real beauty is that for every picture sold some of the profits go to the photographer and some to a charity (photographers can choose betweem Oxfam, Care and Save The Children).

From the site:

“BigWhiteBox is a not for profit project. Our income goes to 3 charities, each of them is a part of the Make Poverty History coalition and a member of the Disasters Emergency committee.”

The site has only been up a few weeks, but it could be something well worth your support. After all, you can get a few photos out there, possibly make some coin and donate to charity. That’s got to be good for everyone, right?

Have a look and make your own decision about it. Let me know what you think.