So after all this planning, let’s hope this thing works out as it’s supposed to. Day One of my virtual book tour has arrived and the first stop is the blog of Joanna Penn. Joanna’s site is called The Creative Penn and is full of stuff all about writing, self-publishing, print-on-demand, internet sales and marketing for books. Her site is a wealth of useful information and she also produces the Author 2.0 program, which is a fantasic resource to help authors build an online platform from which to promote themselves and their books.

As something a bit different for her readers, my stop there today is a guest post where I’m discussing Dark Fantasy – What is it exactly? My books are best classified as dark fantasy novels, so this seemed like a good place to start, looking into what makes something dark fantasy, how it differs from regular fantasy and horror and so on. Hopefully it will be an interesting read for everyone. Be sure to get involved in the comments over there too and maybe we can further refine the details in discussion.

Alan’s Blog Book Tour Day One at The Creative Penn – Click here!