It’ll be no surprise to regular readers that I’m a big fan of authors reminding everyone of what work they’ve produced in any given year. When it comes to awards season and editors considering work for their Year’s Best anthologies and so on, it’s very easy with the overwhelming quantity of work out there to forget things. So it’s good, I think, for authors to make a post to remind people. It’s also a valuable reminder for the us of what we’ve achieved in any given year. So here’s my awards eligibility post for 2017. As it happens, I’ve had an incredibly lean year in terms of short fiction publications, but I’m very proud of the stories and books I have had published. Here they are:

Novel: Primordial, from Cohesion Press. (Currently under re-release with Adrenaline Press.) Click here for details of this book.

Novel: Anubis Key: Jake Crowley Adventures 2, from Adrenaline Press. Click here for details of this book.

Novella: The Book Club, from PS Publishing. Click here for details of this book.

Short stories:

“They All Come Through London In The End”, published in Between The Tracks anthology (ed. Steve Dillon, Ozhorrorcon, April 2017). Horror short story.

“Once Was Lost”, published in Aurealis Magazine #99, ed. Michael Pryor, June 2017. Science-fiction short story.

And that’s it for me this year. If you thought any of these stories were award-worthy and you’re inclined to nominate them anywhere, I can’t thank you enough.