Firstly, the Ditmar Awards are open for nominations as of right now. These are the fan-voted national genre awards here in Australia. Anyone “active in fandom” can vote for work they think worthy – that means if you’re a writer, reader, watcher or any other fan of SFFH, you can nominate. There’s a full list of eligible work here, an explanation of voting rules here, and you can nominate work easily with this online form.

If you think any of my 2018 work is worth your nomination, I would be hugely grateful. I have the following eligible stuff:

In the Best Novel category:

Devouring Dark, Alan Baxter, Grey Matter Press, November 2018.

Hidden City, Alan Baxter, Gryphonwood Press, Feb 2018.

In the Best Novella or Novelette category:

“Manifest Recall”, Alan Baxter, in Manifest Recall, Grey Matter Press, June 2018.

In the Best Short Story category:

“Crying Demon”, Alan Baxter, in Suspended in Dusk 2, Grey Matter Press, August 2018.

“Waters Strangely Clear”, Alan Baxter, in What October Brings, Celaeno Press, October 2018.

“Simulacrum of Hope”, Alan Baxter, in Strange Aeons Magazine issue 23, ed. Justin Steele, October 2018.

So if you’d like to nominate any of that work, I’d be mighty appreciative, but also make sure you nominate any other work published in 2018 that you enjoyed and think worthy. Given that this is a fan-voted award, the more people voting means the more representative the award is of public feeling. Tell your friends to get involved, spread the word, and make the Ditmar Awards as good as they can be.

Meanwhile, in other award news, I’m absolutely stoked to see that I got two finalist nominations in the recently announced Aurealis Awards shortlists. The Aurealis Awards are Australia’s premier genre fiction awards, voted on by panels of judges. I’m so thrilled to see Devouring Dark is a finalist for Best Fantasy Novel, and “Crying Demon” is a finalist for Best Fantasy Short Story. And seriously, every single shortlist is just jam-packed with amazing work by incredible authors. Check out the full list of finalists here.

Finally, the Australian Shadows Awards, which are the national jury voted awards for dark fiction and horror, closes to entries in two days. So get your stuff in! All the details here.