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I’m pretty sure that wherever you are in the world, you’ll be aware that Australia, especially the east coast, is suffering through the worst bushfires we’ve ever known. So far they’ve killed 23 people, burned 8.4 million hectares, destroyed more than 1700 homes, and over half a billion animals have died. When we use the word catastrophic, it’s not hyperbole. The ongoing, so far unmeasured health effects of living for weeks with an Air Quality Index more than double the level of New Delhi is something we’ve yet to see. The smoke has travelled to Chile and Argentina. It’s here in Australia, but it’s a global issue.



Our firefighters, known here as fireys, have been battling the unprecedented bushfires for months. This last couple of weeks have been pure hell. They are woefully underfunded mainly due to a criminally negligent government that still refuses to accept climate change and embraces fossil fuels. That government has gutted funding to essential services. Due to a changing climate, hazard reduction burns have been harder to do every year – the cool season when those measures are usually taken have been shorter, hotter, and drier, meaning the usual methods employed can’t be done nearly as effectively. Couple that with massive cuts in funding that prevent our fireys doing their best work during the fire season, and a distinct lack of equipment, and you can see why so many of us are furious with our so-called government right now.


Our fireys should be a full-time, salaried force, but most are volunteers. So much of their work is funded by donations (which yeah, is absolutely fucked, but see above.) These incredible men and women fight fires without pay, putting their lives at risk to save people, land, wildlife and homes. Several have already died this year. So people are stepping up where our government has failed. Generosity from at home and around the world has been fantastic. So many different ways of helping have emerged, and authors are getting on board too.

Presenting #AuthorsForFireys

It’s a Twitter auction of signed books, author services, tuckerisation, and much more. It runs until January 11th. People bid directly in @ replies to the tweet, and the highest bid wins. When that bidder shows a receipt of their donation to the CFA, the book or whatever is sent out. Brilliant idea!

You can get all the details about how it works here: https://authorsforfireys.wixsite.com/website

So check out #AuthorsForFireys and see where you can get involved.

I’ve got three separate auctions running:

Five novel pack (Alex Caine trilogy, Devouring Dark, Hidden City), signed, sent wherever you want:

Manifest Recall, signed, sent wherever you want:

Crow Shine, Limited Edition signed and numbered hardcover (there’s only 100 of these in existence), sent wherever you want:

Bid high! And only vote for people who promise to tackle climate change head on.