My good friend and fellow indie author Joanna Penn, from The Creative Penn, has been hard at work putting together a new online training program for indie and self publishing authors. It’s called the Author 2.0 Program and it’s all about using Web 2.0 to produce, promote and sell your books.

There are 12 modules to the program:

Module 1: Writing 2.0
Module 2: Self publishing and Print-on-Demand
Module 3: Ebooks
Module 4: Websites
Module 5: Author Entrepreneur
Module 6: Blogging
Module 7: Marketing 2.0
Module 8: Video and Book Trailers
Module 9: Podcasting
Module 10: Social Networking
Module 11: Using Amazon
Module 12: Traffic Tactics


Each module has loads of information including podcast interviews with experts in any given field. The expert in Module 11: Using Amazon is actually me, so that module at least will be excellent.

The whole thing is jam packed with information and should be a really useful tool for people new to the indie publishing world and those not so new. The program sells for US$297. You can also become an Affiliate, which means you put the information and sales links on your website and any sales of the program through your site earn you 50%. So if you sell the program twice through your site, you make US$297 and you can have the program for free. Or you can buy 5,940 5c chews and distribute them to children in your neighbourhood in an act of selfless generosity. It’s really entirely up to you.

The program is being launched with a free Author 2.0 Blueprint, that gives people lots of free information all about the idea, with great tips on how to build your author profile. If you go on to buy the program you’ll learn all about those tips in detail.

Click on the image above and have a look at the blueprint to see what you think. It’s free with no obligation and you can decide for yourself where to go from there. Let’s help Joanna spread the word about this.

(If you’re interested in picking this up as an affiliate, go here.)

EDIT – I should mention here that I’m set up as an affiliate with this program as well as being a contributing “expert” (yes, I think the quotes are justified.) I thought it was apparent from the post, but a couple of people have asked, so it’s obviously not. Therefore, if you do go through the links here to get the product, you are making me some money. But then if you set up as an affiliate too you can potentially earn your money back. Just so we’re all clear on the situation – I don’t want to be accused of spamming or misleading anyone. This is a good program and you can always search for it directly rather than link through from here if you prefer.