Authonomy is a new project launched by Harper Collins. It’s an interesting concept. “Beat the slush” is the tagline and that’s something that will appeal to all writers. In a nutshell, it’s a website where people can upload full or partial manuscripts and have them read and voted on by other members of the site. People can back a book and subsequently raise it up the ranks, comment on it, recommend it to friends and so on.

Where Authonomy differs from other sites of this ilk is in the exposure to Harper Collins themselves. They are using this site to let people sift out the dross from the gems and every month five books that have floated to the top are put before relevant editors at Harper Collins and considered for traditional publication. It’s a cunning plan on the part of HP as they get to have an unsolicited manuscripts submission process without having to read everything. And the stuff they do skim off the top has already proven itself to a small cross-section of the public, so they know they’re onto something possibly commercial.

Purely in the interests of science I’ve joined up and uploaded the first three chapters of both RealmShift and MageSign to the site. If you feel so inclined, please sign up and get involved. Put my books on your bookshelf and back them and we’ll see what happens. They’ve already generated a little bit of interest, so it’ll be fun to see where they go. When you’ve signed up use the search box and put in the book titles – they’ll come straight up. Or put in my name and they’ll both come up. I’m still finding my way around the site and figuring it all out, so let me know if you discover anything interesting. I’ve already found a couple of pretty good quality books on there.

If you have any writing of your own, put it up and see what comments you get. They want at least 10,000 words before your extract can be made public as they’re into manuscripts that have a chance of actually seeing completion.

Give it a go and give my books some support. I’ll really appreciate it!