The Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers’ Association. Sounds pretty cool, huh? You’d think there would be one. I’m a member of the AHWA – Australian Horror Writers’ Association. That group is awesome; they promote and protect the Australian horror genre, have a website with loads of information, including help finding markets for your work, mentorship programs, crit groups, their own publication (Midnight Echo) and so on. The idea is that the Science Fiction & Fantasy version would do much the same thing for that part of the writing community.

Politics and committees – there are two words that make me shudder. Even a horror writer is scared of those things, and they will become an issue with any organisation. Especially the creation of a new one. But that’s no reason not to try. A friend of mine recently got a bit enthusiatic about this and started a discussion by setting up a Facebook group. If you’re into the idea, go and check it out here: Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers’ Association Facebook page.

Incidentally, if people don’t have a facebook account but want to comment, they should send an email to [email protected] and their comments will be posted on the Facebook page. Public posting will give a fair and transparent examination of this before anything happens.