So you’ll know very well by now that I’ve been greatly enjoying the atheist versus Christian bus slogan war. (I wonder if the Muslims or the Hindus or anyone else will get involved? It would be quite good to see this debate evolve into a war of words between various religions, all played out on the sides of buses.)

Anyway, those funny folks over at CR Blog (News and views on visual communication from the writers and readers of Creative Review) came along and pointed people towards a bus slogan generator and asked for better responses to the atheist There’s Probably No God slogan. After all, the responses thus far from the Christians have been pretty lame.

This highlights a number of my favourite things about the internet: the debate itself, raging globally; people’s desires to get directly involved; a bus slogan generator website to make it happen. These things do make me smile.

Here’s one of my favourites from the CR Blog responses:

So off you go to the bus slogan generator and have a go yourself. It’s lots of fun.

I was both amused and slightly perturbed by one of the comments on the CR Blog. Simon Coxon of neondog pointed out:

The war between the Christians and the Atheists will be traced back to 2009, where the Christians started blowing up buses.