I’ve added this new thingo from Amazon to my site. Have a look just under the navigation buttons on the left hand side there. Have a go on the little arrows at the bottom. Pretty cool, huh?

There’s a few things you can do with Amazon if you have a website that are pretty cool like this and that can also earn you a few quid. You have to sign up to the Amazon Associates program and then you can add all kinds of widgets to your site. If anyone clicks through to Amazon from that widget on your site and buys, you make a small commission. You’d have to be seriously pimping Amazon product to actually make much money out of this, but every little helps these days.

With the carousel thing I’ve just installed you can hover over the books and see the price and rating. If you click on that book it’ll take you to that product’s page on Amazon. And it doesn’t have to be books – you can set these up for anything that Amazon sells, and Amazon sells all kinds of stuff these days. The horizontal carousel option looks a bit cooler than the ferris wheel style that I’ve got, but I had to fit it into my sidebar, so not much choice there.

I’ll be updating this one from time to time in order to show books that I’m currently reading, have recently read, plan to read or particularly enjoyed. I like the widget even without the added bonus of the Associates thing.