I got this email from my sister-in-law, Bogna.

Speaking of amusing signs, here’s one we saw in Bombala, on the way between Lake’s Entrance and Broulee. They have a war memorial swimming pool in town, which is in itself quite amusing. I imagine that the council decided they couldn’t afford both a swimming pool AND a war memorial, and someone came up with the ingenious idea of combining the two. There are a number of signs outside the entrance to the pool. The one on the left says “Lest we forget” and then explains that the swimming pool is a tribute to those who served in defence of their country. Obviously it is intended to be a respectful monument and should be treated as such. But take a look at the sign on the right – I have provided a close-up. Classic.

Here’s the photo:


Now, I can’t help but follow one line of thought when I see something like this: Just how many times did this happen that they needed to put up a sign? Is Bombala famous for its diarrhoea-inducing qualities? Or do people in that neck of the woods have some strange old folk custom where they think swimming is a the panacea for digestive ailments? Perhaps it’s best not to know.